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Life Abortion Alternative Ministries of Vallejo


Me with one of our babies at the center 

Matthew 25:23
The master said, `Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities.
Let's celebrate together!'

I am continually in awe of what God will do if we as His people will just step out of our comfort zone and follow His leading. LAAM has become so busy that God brought in new volunteers! Our average is about 10 families a day. Now that doesn’t seem like much compared with our population, but believe you me reaching out in God’s name to that many people in a four hour shift is something.

The Alternative to Abortion has always been our goal but we are just beginning to fully realize the amount of prayer, energy and resources that truly entails. Most of families at this time are both working and still struggling to meet the bills each month. Our resources thanks to you really make the difference.

I celebrated my 18th year as director this past September. I know because my grandson turned 17. My daughter’s crisis pregnancy introduced me to LAAM. He is now a senior in High School, State wrestling champ, has a job, attends extra adult school classes, bought, paid for, and keeps up his own car, and is up for a scholarship for college. I’m not bragging because he got none of this from me or mine but from God. What a horrible mistake it would have been if he would had been aborted.

Many girls and women face this dilemma daily and not always to just cover up their pregnancy. Many just do not have the resources (sometimes just a little help) to see their way clear of having a baby. Now you and I know that God always makes a way when we follow Him, but they don’t.

LAAM wants to show them that way by being here when they need us and that’s where you come in with your generous donations. Thank YOU again for allowing us to serve God and this community through your generous support.

Just me chris loving JESUS because

HE loved me first