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Life Abortion Alternative Ministries of Vallejo


Titus 3:14
For our people should not have unproductive lives. They must learn to do good by helping others who have urgent needs.

Life Abortion Alternative Ministry is a place where expectant mothers can come in and talk when deciding to keep their children. Most times, their concern is that they can't afford to raise their child so they may be forced to think about abortion. It is at LAAM that we encourage them to keep their precious children and that through LAAM's support we can give them food and clothes to support their children from newborns to 18 years old.

LAAM is funded by donations from the community and is run by volunteers only - no one has ever gotten paid or will ever be paid. Chris Price, the executive director for 18 years have been running the site with very few volunteers. If you have time to volunteer Tues-Thurs 1-5 pm, we would very much appreciate it! Any amount of time is appreciated by us.

Here are the following volunteer opportunities:

Counselor - when confused women come in and need to talk about their pregnancy situation, you will counsel them through Biblical principles.

Donation clerk - going through bags and bags of clothes/toys and putting them in the correct bins for easy distribution.

Fundraising - plan and execute fundraising activities to better support mothers and children.

Greeter- opening doors, asking guests to sign in and ask them what items they  need and distribute it to them.

Janitorial - help clean the site once a week .

Prayer warrior - this is the best position yet! Everyday lifet up to God that women keep their children and that more mothers know about LAAM.

Publicist - Find ways to publicize our services throughout the community.

Yard sale attendant - helping out at our monthly yard sales.


Psalm 71:17

Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.


Volunteer News


LAAM has been blessed with many volunteers in the last few months.  Just a few weeks ago, we have gotten calls from St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School students about a Justice project they are working on.  The goal is to promote justice in an unjust world.


Happily, they thought of abortion – and the lack of information around it.  In our first meeting, the four youth expressed to us the unfortunate role they have to play in the media wars of today.  Their favorite radio stations play many sexually suggestive songs that make them afraid to commit to relationships because it seems that love is no longer love but love is sex.  Also the music videos direct many of their peers to dress less and less to get attention more and more.


They were heartbroken to hear that in Vallejo, every Thursday, abortions are committed.  And that everyday, around the country babies are being killed.  They had at least one friend who has had an abortion and many others who has had sex already.


After a lengthy discussion, Charles, Candice, Riva, and Sammy have agreed to go to their own churches, and announce after services, the need for purity amongst the youth.  They will also discuss that if anyone whether young or older is pregnant, they need not fear – for a great ministry LAAM is here to help them from pregnancy – to birth – to 18 years old.  Their emphasis is God’s love for each human being and that each life whether carried by a teen or adult is important to the world.


Although only directed to do a small amount of work for their project, these teens are planning to hold a Purity Rally on May 12, 2007.  An event wherein youths from all churches can come together, and offer their bodies and souls to God.  Complete with purity rings, they promise to remain pure until God has given them their spouses.  They are in the process of getting donations such as food and more importantly funds for the rings.


If you or anyone you know want to help us make this rally possible, please let us know.  It is a blessing that youth are now taking steps to reclaim their innocence and want to become pure vessels for God. 

Please continue to pray for the youth of today, and for LAAM to continue to save lives – one baby at a time!



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